Diving Spots

The Medes Island Marine Reserve it's formed by a group of islands located just in front of the village. The reserve is characterised by its bustling quantity of marine life, mainly by the large groupers which can be found at shallow depths.These great animals approach divers fearlessly with curiosity, wreathed in clouds of breams, with eagle rays scampering about the bottom amid small schools of barracudas. Divers will awe at underwater caves and sea walls teeming with gorgonians. These conditions, unequalled in all the Western Mediterranean, makes the Montgrí's coast and the Medes Islands one of the best places for any diver.


The area of Salpatxot is located at the north face of La Meda Gran, protected from the winds of southern component.

Pedra de Déu

La Pedra de Déu, is located at the north-east of La Meda Gran, protected from the south winds.

Pota de Llop

Pota del Llop is located at the north-east end of the Meda Gran, exposed to the north and east winds.

La vaca

La Vaca is located in the Meda Gran. It is a large tunnel that crosses the island on one side, very bright and full of life.

Dofí Nord

El Dofí is a set of tunnels found in the Meda Petita. From the north side, different itineraries can be made: the Dofí tunnels and l'Herminia.

Dofí Sud

The Dofí cave is a set of tunnels located in Meda Petita. From the south side, we can find access to each of the tunnels.

Tascó Gros

The Tasco Gros is the twin islet of Carall Bernat. With its large diameter, the itinerary can be as simple as turning around the islet.

Carall Bernat

Carall Bernat is the highest island of the group of islets that we found in the southern area of the Natural Reserve of the Illes Medes. The dive takes place along a wall of gorgonians where we can find a large variety of predatory fish.

Tascó Petit

Tasco Petit is located near Carall Bernat and Tascó Gros. Between the three they make up a triangle of islets that give a lot of play when it comes to tracing different itineraries and adapting them to any level of diving. Landscape The...


Ferranelles is a small island located between the Meda Petit and Tasco Petit. This dive is very easy and is adequate for all divers.

Punta Salines

Punta Salines is located in the Montgrí coast, very close to l'Estartit. It is a quiet place, protected from the southern winds.

Arcs del duï

The Arcs del Duï are located between the gulf of the Negre del Falaguer and the Illa del Duï. It is a coral reef zone where we find arches at a depth between 12 and 20 meters and the typica life of the Costa del Montgrí.

Negre de Falaguer

The Negre del Falaguer is a diving spot located on the Montgrí coast, very close to l'Estartit and very well protected from the winds coming from the north. It is a dive for all levels, simple, shallow and easy to orientate.

Reggio Messina

The Reggio is a ship intentionally sunk on the Costa del Montgrí, in 1992.

Cala Calella

Cala Calella is located on the Costa del Montgrí, very close to l'Estartit, on the south side of Punta Salines. It is a dive spot adapted to all levels, offering dives between 6 and 30 meters deep where benthic fauna teems.